X-Nav Navigation Guided Dental Implants

Dry Creek Surgery is proud to stay at the forefront of technology and knowledge to provide the most current, most appropriate and best care to our patients.  In following this tradition we are pleased to announce the addition of the X-Guide navigational dental implant placement system into our oral and maxillofacial surgery practice. We are the first and only surgeons in Colorado to use this advanced 3D technology to place dental implants.

The X-Guide system elevates the control and precision the surgeon has over the dental implant process from the planning through the implant placement.  This results in more accuracy and precision in implant position, direction and depth which leads to a healthier,  longer lasting, more esthetic and functional tooth for the patient.

It’s like GPS for placing dental implants. The X-Guide™ system utilizes the plan decided upon by the oral and maxillofacial surgeon and the restorative dentist and the 3D technology of I-CAT cone beam CT scans to provide “turn-by-turn” guidance during live surgery.   This provides the ability to visualize precise anatomical landmarks and track movements of the hand piece during implant surgery for more exact implant placement.

Now patients can benefit from more accurate, faster, and more predictable implant placement at a fraction of the cost of conventional guides.

Ask us how this technology can help you in your quest to restore missing teeth.

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